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Dybbuk mania in Poland

The Dybbukpremiered in Warsaw in 1920 in a production by the Vilna Troupe. Its plot revolved around the young Leah, daughter of the rich merchant Sender, and the poor yeshiva student and kabbalist Khonen. They fall in love when he comes to her house…
Khonen and Henokh.JPG

Rehearsing The Dybbuk, 1919

After An-ski’s death in 1920, Vilna Troupe members convened and devised a plan to mountThe Dybbukbefore the end of the deceased playwright'sshloshim, the thirty-day period during which the living may earn merit for the recently deceased through Torah…
Dybbuk 1919.JPG

Street in the Jewish quarter, Vilna

A cobblestoned street in the Jewish quarter, Vilna.

Strashun Library

The Strashun Library with the Great Synagogue in the background.
PO 5032.jpg

Ruins of the Strashun Library

Ruins of the Strashun Library, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1944.
710.25 - Vilna, 1944 - The ruins of the Strashun Library - A Sutzkever Photog.jpg

Hidden materials recovered after the war

Avrom Sutzkever, Israel Zelikman, and Gershon Abramowicz bringing artifacts recovered from hiding places after the liberation of Vilna from the Nazis to the site of the Jewish museum they were working to establish.
710.24a - Vilna, 1944 - A Sutzkever, an unidentified man, and Gershon Abramowicz bringing YIVO materials hidden during the war to a new Jewish museum.jpg

Jews forced to sort books by the Nazis, Vilna, ca. 1942

Jews sorting books and other documents in the YIVO building, where the Nazis established a sorting center for Jewish cultural treasures looted from YIVO and other Jewish institutions, Vilna, ca. 1942. Members of this sorting team risked their lives…

Books Awaiting Digitization at YIVO in New York

Strashun and other books awaiting digitization for the Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Collections Project in New York.
Books waiting to be digitized.JPG
Total Items: 56
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