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Nahum Lipovski (1874-1928)

Nahum Lipovski was a celebrated theater impresario, master of multiple languages, and mathematical savant who energized the Yiddish theater scene during the many decades of his activity. He was born in Nesvizh, Russia to pious parents but was…
photo Lipovski Box94157.jpg

The Yiddish Film Industry

The first synchronous Yiddish-language talkie was produced in 1929, only 18 months after the first (ever) talkie,The Jazz Singer, which, remarkably, centered on the experiences of a Jewish performer. The interwar period saw the accelerated growth of…
photo film Rokhl Holzer  btwn Box92171.jpg

The Green Fields, Di Grine Felder by Perets Hirshbeyn (Riga)

These are photos and a program associated with a production of Green Fields, one of the most celebrated works of the twentieth-century Yiddish stage. It was written by Perets Hirshbeyn, who pioneered his own naturalist and lyrical theatrical…
photo Riga Grine felder 1928 a Box92172.jpg

Studio photograph of the Warsaw Yiddish Art Theater (Varshever Yidisher Kunst Teater, VYKT).

Included in the photograph are Esther Rachel Kaminska (seated) her daughter, the actress Ida Kaminska, and her son-in-law Zygmunt Turkov
Varshever Yidisher Kunst Teater.png

Ida Kaminska

Ida Kaminska was the creator of the Esther Rokhl Kaminska Theater Museum Archive
photo Ida Kaminska Box39.jpg
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