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The Dissolution of New York's Yiddish Theatrical Museum (1927)

This is a letter of gratitude Max Weinreich wrote to Jacob Shatzky in 1927 for materials Shatzky sent to him for the Theater Museum. In the letter, Weinreich also alludes to other materials that Shatzky had not yet sent. He also refers to…
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A Published Letter to the Founders of the Yiddish Theatrical Museum of New York

This letter is included in the only volume of documents Shatzky managed to publish under the rubric of the Yiddish Theatrical Museum. "Goldfaden Book" included a meticulously edited collection of documents associated with the theater's first days…
goldfadenbukh00idis 9.jpg

The Yiddish Theatrical Museum (1926)

One of the only surviving documents from the Yiddish Theatrical Museum of New York City and the only one revealing the address of its headquarters. A letter from Jacob Shtazky calling for materials for a publication to be put out by the Yiddish…
Shatzky letter.jpg

Letter to Chaim Grade from American Visitor

Letter to Yiddish writer Chaim Grade, a leading member of the Yung Vilne (Young Vilna) literary group, from B. Hariton, a friend in New York who had recently visited the city.

Mark Schweid and the founding of the Bronx Art Theatre (1930)

Mark Schweid (1891-1969) was one of the most prolific figures to New York City's Yiddish theater and an important cultivator of art theater before going on to direct Yiddish movies.
Bronx Art Theater.jpg

The founding of "Our Theater" (Undzer Teater), 1923

The theater society Our Theater was founded in 1923 in New York City by such luminaries of the Yiddish theater as Peretz Hirshbein, H. Leivik, and Mendel Elkin. Their mandate was to create and sustain art theater, dramatic studios, and a peiodical,…
Studio of Dramatic Art.jpg

All God's Chillun Got Wings (Shvartse Geto), 1924

This item is a review by Zalmen Reyzen of the Vilna Troupe's adaptation of Eugene O' Neill'sAll God's Chillun Got Wings,an Expressionist play about miscegenation inspired from an old negro spiritual. Arguably one of O'Neill's most controversial of…
VIlna Trupe ONeill review Box41137.jpg

Love and Eros, Anton Wildgans

Love and Eros is a four-act play by the Austrian playwright and poet Anton Wildgans (1881-1932). Wildgans’ work mingles expressionism with a focus on daily life.
Love and Erotic Invitation.jpg

Sambatyon Cabaret Theater

Sambatyon was established in Vilnain1926 but moved to Warsaw several months later. It was made up exclusively of professional performers—Yitskhok Feld, Khane Grosberg (1900–?), Khane Levin(1900–1969), Khayim Sandler, and others—under the direction of…
Total Items: 50
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