The Ruth Rubin Legacy
Archive of Yiddish Folksongs


In the YIVO archives, Ruth Rubin Collection is referred to as RG (Record Group) 620. It includes her field recordings (reel-to-reel tapes, 78 records), as well as her notebooks with song lyrics and notes from her readings, books and discs from her library, some correspondence, singable English translations of Yiddish songs, manuscripts of her unpublished dissertation "Jewish Woman and Her Folksong," and of her articles (from drafts to published versions).

English singable translations of Yiddish songs by Ruth Rubin

Ruth Rubin's book of poetry Lider, published by Y.L. Magid in New York in 1929

(digitized by the National Yiddish Book Center)

Autobiographical text by Ruth Rubin about her grandmother Elka