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The Vilna Troupe in New York with The Dybbuk, 1926

While The Dybbuk would be translated into many languages, its greatest success was on the Yiddish-language stage. During the Vilner Troupe's tour across Europe between 1922 and 1927, it remained the pinnacle of their repertoire. On seeing the Vilna…
RG 1100 box 3 Queens Theater Dybbuk poster 1926.jpg

The Dybbuk Tours Europe

This article (undated) is a first-person acount by the director Dovid Herman of his experience directing The Dybbuk in Oslo, Norway. In 1927, the actor and theater pioneer Agnes Mowinckel (1875-1963), ran the Balkongen Theater, a short-lived…
RG8 Norwegian Dybbuk Box 59252.jpg

The Azazel Cabaret Theater

It is unclear when the Azazel Cabaret Theater was founded, with some historical sources claiming that it was founded as early as 1918. It was the brainchild of the cabaret performers Ola Lilit (1906-) and her husbandWładysłav Godik (1906-1980). The…
Azazel miniature theater  interwar38-EDIT.jpg

Esther-Rachel Kaminska, Yiddish Actor Extraordinaire

Perhaps Esther-Rachel's greatest cultural significance was as a pioneer of literary Yiddish theater. In 1905, for instance, when official restrictions waned, she began to perform a new kind of play from the artistic repertoire championed by the…
RG 8 - ER Kaminska - Baranowicze.jpg

Bas Sheva

Bas Sheva is a four-character opera composed by Henech Kon with a libretto by Moyshe Broderzon. It focuses on the relationship between King David and his desire for Bath Sheba, married when he falls in love with her at first sight (in the Book of…
bas sheva.jpg

Mark Arnshteyn (1879-1943)

Playwright and theater director Mark Arnshteyn was celebrated in both the Polish and Yiddish-language theater worlds. He was most influential in the world of entertainment with his play Singers, which was the model for the first American talkie,…
RG8 Arnshteyn in photos.jpg

The Dybbuk on the Polish Stage (1925)

The Polish premiere of The Dybbuk was less well-received than the Yiddish version, though this seemed to be largely due to the fact that by 1925, the theatre-going community was already well- or overly-saturated with the production. In Der Moment,…
RG8 headline Polish Dybbuk Box 78254.jpg
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