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Matityahu Strashun

Portrait of Matityahu Strashun (1817-1885)
RG 121 - Strashun M - small.jpg

Khaykl Lunski

Last librarian of the Strashun Library, Khaykl Lunski.
RG 121 - Lunsky.jpg

The Reading Room of the Strashun Library

The reading room of the Strashun Library in Vilna (Wilno), Poland.
PO 5786 - Strashun Library.jpg

Butterside Down, 1936

Butterside Downwas a play written and mounted in 1936 by the experimental Yiddish puppet theater called Khad Gadyo (founded in 1922). Moyshe Broderzon wrote the macaronic script (of Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew) and the artist Yitskhok Broiner created…
Ghad Gadyo bottom photo.jpg

Mordkhe Mazo, 1880-194?

Mordkhe Mazo was born in Borisov in Minsk Province to a traditional family. He attended yeshiva in Mir and, as an extern, earned a diploma to be a tutor. He dabbled in both Zionism and Bundism and, upon moving to Vilna, became a community activist.…

The Warsaw Yiddish Art Theater (Varshever Yidisher Kunst Teater, VYKT)

The Warsaw Yiddish Art Theater was acritically acclaimed Yiddish dramatic company active in interwar Polandfrom 1924–1925, 1926–1928, and 1938–1939. The extraordinary success of The Vilner Troupe with The Dybbukmadeclear that a considerable audience…
Varshever Yidisher Kunst Teater_EDIT.jpg

We, Women, Maria Morozowicz-Szczepkowska

Like her mother, Ida Kaminska sought out powerful women’s roles. And, in 1932, Ida Kaminska translated a work by one of Poland's radical feminist thinkers, Maria Morozowicz-Szczepkowska, into Yiddish and adapted it for the Yiddish stage.…
attachment (9).jpeg

Chayim-Wolf Vayntraub (b. 1891-194? Władysław Zew Wajntraub)

Set designer for Yiddish theater in interwar Poland. V. was born Lyuvitsh Poland to Hasidic parents. From a young age, he was drawn to sketching and painting. A Polish art critic Tortshinksi recognized his early talents and the Polish artist,…
Vaymtraub set design Box41.jpg

Yehudah Leib Cahan (1881–1937)

Photo from Shtudyes vegn yidisher folksshafung, by Y. L. Cahan, published in 1952 by YIVO, NY.
Yehuda-Leyb Cahan (1881-1937)
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